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Narad Marketing Corporation.  (NMC) produces and supplies dyes, and related chemicals and offers custom/toll product development and manufacturing capabilities.

NMC based in New Jersey, produces a wide range of high-quality specialty colorants for a  variety of industrial uses. Our primary product lines are Rekhaoil Liquid Dyes for petroleum products and leak detection, 

Rekhaplast Powder for plastics, ink and coatings.                                                                          

NMC brand for Candle and Wax . NMC also Supplies Cleaners and Compounds, Polishes  Laundry Detergent & Fabric Softener

Waxes, Cleaning Products (All Purpose Cleaners), Carwash Products, Degreasers And  Solvent Cleaners,Vinyl And Rubber Dressing, Wheel Cleaners, Automatic Car Wash Chemicals,  windshield washer fluid

Dyes and Pigments are used in various manufacturing processes, for coloring plastics, petroleum products, inks for printing and writing, coating (paints), Candle, Wax, wood stains, textiles, leather and paper products.

NMC Markets globally through commercial distributors and by direct marketing.

Products include glycols, amines, coolants, synthetic compressor fluids, pipeline antifreeze, antifoams, carrier solvents, acids, amine curing agents, epoxy resins, mutual solvents.




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